About Us

Our main goal is that Nepali students would get their required notes together easily at single platform. After this huge pandemics of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the way of studying is shifted towards Internet and web i.e online medium, there is no sufficient platform for it. So, we introduced "Class Notes Nepal" where you will get prioritized Physics and Chemistry Subject's notes and also support notes or data for other remaining subjects.

We are the group of teachers collaborating together and writing notes for our Nepali students. We found that Nepali students find difficult to find notes for them. It is even more harder to find proper notes after the modification of curriculam 2077/2078. So, we decided to share our notes to students all over Nepal in a single platform so that it could be easier for them. This website is also with the collaboration for Facebook Page: "Nepalgunj Online Education (NOE)".